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Returns & Exchanges


We try to help by exchanging goods where the wrong size has been selected. Otherwise we do not take back goods unless they are faulty on delivery. If you simply change your mind we will not accept the goods back. If Cover World agrees to an exchange it is on the understanding that you are responsible for all courier costs. Goods must be returned carefully folded in original undamaged boxes. When the returned goods have been returned in this condition, and any additional courier fees paid to our account, we will dispatch the new item to you. If you fail to return the goods in the condition stated a restocking fee of $50 will be requested and the replacement will not be sent until this has cleared our account.

We contract our storage and distribution to a private warehouse near to Auckland Airport. If you need to exchange goods they make a charge to us for restocking and picking/labeling the replacement item. For exchanges you will need to make a payment of $30 to cover these fees direct to my company. No payments are accepted at the warehouse.This is in addition to the courier costs if any.


The customer is responsible for selecting the size suitable for their equipment. If in doubt please ask as many questions as you need to.
Cover World (New Zealand) is happy to advise and guide BUT the final decision, and responsibility, is that of the customer to ensure the item purchased will meet their needs. Cover World takes no responsibility whatsoever for incorrect selections.

Please note under New Zealand Consumer Law you are not entitled to a refund or exchange if you change your mind, your circumstances change or you see a cheaper product elsewhere.


All of the above conditions you agree to when you tick the box before placing your order.


We advise that you offer your cover protection against sharp points on your boat/vehicle. This would include, but not solely, Rocket Launchers, studs, anchor or wing mirrors. Bird droppings contain acid and will rot any material or paint work if you do not remove it. Hose down your cover regularly with clean water to remove any soiling. Do not use washing powder or detergent on your cover.

You can use Soap to clean stubborn stains.


Where we provide buckles and separate strapping fixing the straps is simple. Go slowly. Take the part of the buckle with the teeth in your hand and have the MOST indented side facing you with the teeth downwards. Take the strap and pass it away from you through the top slit and return it towards you through the bottom slip. Clip the two parts of the buckle together and if you have done this correctly the strap will pull tight like a fishing knot. If the strap slips out you have threaded it incorrectly so try again. Boat covers have a T shaped seam of stitching at the front. Our name and silver fern, where printed, are usually at the front of our covers on each side just behind the bow. Often there is a white tag at the front of the cover. When going around a boat or vehicle to tighten down a cover do not simply walk around tightening one after the other. We advise tightening straps alternately on each side. So start at say the rear left and then to the front right. Reverse this each time until you have the cover evenly and securely affixed. Finally if in doubt, or having a problem, remember we are here to help so call us and we will advise the best we can.

Advice on fitting Motor Home and Caravan Covers are given on the relevant pages.

Again please ask if unsure we will be pleased to try and help.

When purchasing any of our products you are accepting our guarantee conditions totally. If in doubt please ask. You accept these conditions when placing an order as you tick the acceptance box before an order can be placed. None of the above overrides your consumer rights and protection under the laws of New Zealand”. Our warranties only apply to the original purchaser and are not transferrable.