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Kayak Covers/Bags

Kayak Covers/Bags

$ 170.00$ 250.00

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KAY300SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 3.06m x 2.06m In Stock3.06m x 2.06m $ 170.00
KAY360SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 3.66m x 2.06m In Stock 3.66m x 2.06m $ 180.00
KAY420SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 4.26m x 2.16m In Stock 4.26m x 2.16m $ 195.00
KAY480SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 4.87m x 1.83m In Stock 4.87m x 1.83m $ 205.00
KAY530SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 5.37m x 1.83m In Stock 5.37m x 1.83m $ 220.00
KAY587BSM Kayak Covers/Bags - 5.87m x 1.83m In Stock 5.87m x 1.83m $ 225.00
KAY600SM Kayak Covers/Bags - 6.57m x1.83m In Stock 6.57m x1.83m $ 250.00
Kayak owners have long sought after Kayak Covers or Bags of good quality that will stand up to New Zealand UV Conditions.
These covers are made in our own top quality “Ocean Pride” material. 600 denier weave; 100% Polyester with a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE.
100% Waterproof, Mildew treated and the highest grade resistance to fading.
Quality zip used for easy access. Plenty of strap handles for ease of carrying and additional straps.
Color: Light Tan

We advise storing your covered kayaks upside down.

This ensures that you do not get pooling of water in the seat area where the material may not always be tight. Pooling water can eventually seep through and even rot the material.

Top Quality Kayak Covers or Bags

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Light Tan


3.06m x 2.06m, 3.66m x 2.06m, 4.26m x 2.16m, 4.87m x 1.83m, 5.37m x 1.83m, 5.87m x 1.83m, 6.57m x1.83m

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