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Inflatable Boat Covers

Inflatable Boat Covers

$ 160.00$ 240.00

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INF450N Inflatable Boat Covers - 4-00m-4-50m-l-5-00m-w-3-20m In Stock 4.00m - 4.50m (L: 5.00m W: 3.20m) $ 240.00
INF400N Inflatable Boat Covers - 3-50m-4-00m-l-4-50m-w-2-68m In Stock 3.50m - 4.00m (L: 4.50m W: 2.68m) $ 199.00
INF350N Inflatable Boat Covers - 3-00m-3-50m-l4-15m-w-3-10m In Stock 3.00m - 3.50m (L:4.15m W: 3.10m) $ 185.00
INF300N Inflatable Boat Covers - 2-50m-3-00m-l-3-30m-w-2-50m In Stock 2.50m - 3.00m (L: 3.30m W: 2.50m) $ 170.00
INF250N Inflatable Boat Covers - 2-00m-2-50m-l-2-55m-w-2-10m In Stock 2.00m - 2.50m (L: 2.55m W: 2.10m) $ 160.00
All of our Inflatable Boat Covers are made in our own “OCEAN PRIDE” material and come with a FIVE YEAR guarantee against serious material deterioration including the stitching on the seams of the cover. The covers are offered in Light Grey material only.
The covers are made in very strong 600D polyester material that is solution dyed and has been heavily treated to offer the high UV resistance to stand up to the harsh New Zealand sun. Most other covers available are not treated to this standard which is why others do not offer you a five year guarantee !
Please check the material length and widths shown to ensure you have enough material to protect your tubes back, front and sides.
These covers are made for Inflatables where the motor has been removed but you may find, if you measure, that you have enough material to cover your motor.

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2.00m – 2.50m (L: 2.55m W: 2.10m), 2.50m – 3.00m (L: 3.30m W: 2.50m), 3.00m – 3.50m (L:4.15m W: 3.10m), 3.50m – 4.00m (L: 4.50m W: 2.68m), 4.00m – 4.50m (L: 5.00m W: 3.20m)

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