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Caravan Universal Fit Towing Front Protection Cover

Caravan Universal Fit Towing Front Protection Cover

$ 350.00

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Protect the entire front panel of your caravan when towing.
Help prevent stone chips and road grime. All those splattered insects will be no more.
Made in our own heavily UV Proof 600D waterproof polyester material with a smooth sprayed on underliner to prevent scratching.
Two LED Lights provided for night travel safety (No batteries included).
Fixes into the awning channels of your caravan. If you do not have awning channels then please do not purchase.
Correctly affixed the covers should prevent your caravan front panel from road debris and small pebbles grit.
They will not stop damage from LARGE objects. Cover World takes no responsibility for any damaged caused to front panels.
These are, as described, described protector panels. They do not guarantee against all evils of the road.
If in any doubt you might want to consider placing a piece of foam behind the cover if you want added protection.
Ensure Clips do not rub on your paintwork.
Ensure the front of your caravan panel and window is washed and free from all grit and debris.
EVERY time before you put the cover on check that no grit of debris has got onto the underside of the cover since the last use.
Covers are easy to fit but lots of advice on the internet for you to read and watch if in doubt.

These covers are now designed as a Universal fit. They are fully adjustable and will fit most caravans from 2.13m – 2.60m wide. The clever design ensures that the black buckles will never touch your caravan bodywork so will not leave black marks or scratches as some covers do

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