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Caravan Covers

Cover World Caravan Covers NZ are only produced in our top quality beige “OCEAN PRIDE” material with a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE.

The covers are 100% waterproof and have a smooth sprayed on inner liner to avoid damage to paintwork.

Three zips on BOTH sides of the cover enable you to gain access wherever your doors are. You have four roll up panels so can work inside or air out your van without taking the cover off. This also makes it easy to put on and remove your cover.

Measure the Outside BODY maximum length and width. On the length add about 15/20cms to ensure comfort fit and doing up of the zips.
There are tightener clinches(straps) on both the front and rear panels for taking up any excess.

Just call me on 09 534 4478 if you have any questions before making a purchase. I will not select the size but will help you as much as I can.

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